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Harbour Authority of Cape St. George 2003 Annual General Meeting

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AGM Meeting

held on February 25, 2004 At 7:00 P.M. at the Town Office, De Grau

The meeting was called to Order by the chairman of the meeting, Leon Simon. He first motioned for the Adoption of the Agenda as presented.

1. Welcome

2. Adoption of agenda

3. Harbour Condition.

Leon reported that the harbour channel is presently closed to all vessels due to silt and rock build up at the mouth of the harbour.

DFO has advised that the harbour restoration contractor, Northland Construction, will probably be able to provide emergency dredging before the crab season begins on April 1.

4. 2003 season review.

Leon reported that the 2003 season was a very busy season and that at times there was not enough slipway space.

5. DFA grant (2001) project completion

Jasen reported that he would send in the 2003 DFA Grant application. He also told MHA Jim Hodder, present at the meeting, that he would let him know when the application was sent it. It will be a part of the slipway extension project that we will be wanting to get done this 2004 season.

6. Northland Construction - project overview

Leon reported that with the beginning of the fishing season and the construction season this spring that the harbour will be an extremely busy site. The Fishing industry and Harbour Authority will have to work around the schedule of the contractor. They are expected to hire a few local labourers after they get started. They are expected to meet with the Harbour Authority before the work starts. The Harbour will invite threps to the next meeting.

7. Slipway expansion concrete header with rings proposal

Jason prepared a brief summary and breakdown of the project proposal. More details and estimates to be added before it will be submitted to DFO. After much discussion it was suggested that the project would be for 3 workers for 10 weeks. It would include the contrete header pan at the top of the slipway with haul up rings for every boat. The harbour will get a 10 % administration fee.

8. Question and answer period

Mayor Marina Simon, Mayor of Cape St. George, present at the meeting, suggested that we should look at trying to get the rest of the ring road paved to the harbour, as there is a very serious dust problem for local residents during the summer and that large vehicles and tractor trailers usually cannot turn around at the harbour and must travel around the ring road. Partnership with the Town could get the job done. The harbour will look at the possibility of piggybacking the cost on the harbour restoration program.

9. Summer Student Project proposal

Jasen will apply for a swats provincial student job at the harbour to help promote the harbour in relation to the tourism season and promoting harbour policies and user regulations.

10. Financial Report Bank balance

The secretary-treasurer, Jasen, reported a bank balance of $2,549.75 in our chequing account.


The secretary-treasurer, Jasen, reported that except for a $219.49 Revenue Canada remittance, there were no other accounts payable.


The secretary-treasurer, Jasen, reported that there were no accounts receivable.

11. Other Business

1. Marina Simon, Mayor, was asked by Leon Simon, Harbour President, to have the Town appoint a rep to the harbour board. She will bring it up to her next meeting of the Town.

2. After much discussion, Jim Hodder, said he would get someone to take another look at the state of the road at the falling rocks section in Marches Point to see how safe the road structure is and how much ocean erosion has happened against and under the road.

12. Adjournment.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

President, Leon Simon

Secretary-treasurer, Jasen Benwah

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